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We have set ourselves the condition of producing top products in terms of quality and price. Our credo is a combination of high performance, reliability, fairness, a sense of trends and an orientation towards customer needs. We are proud of this!


Not shaken and stirred, but kneaded and baked! Every day, our wraps are freshly made from a carefully kneaded dough and off they go into the oven. The wrap makes its...

Wheat rolls
for baking

Our wheat rolls for baking are not just a wheat biscuit. They are like small, handy yeast pralines that are ideal for snacking and dipping and will...


The right product for everyone!
The range includes classics such as rolls with or without grains, filled and unfilled baguettes, through to ciabatta and toast rolls. All products have one thing in common: quality that you can taste! Whether for breakfast or as a tasty snack, everyone will find something to their liking here.

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