About us

None of us is as smart as all of us combined.
Innovation meets tradition.

We are Germany’s only producer of tortillas and delighted that our wheat-flour tortillas are appreciated equally by food retailers, industry, and the catering trade. What is more, as a young company looking to meet the needs of the young spirit of today, our product portfolio will soon be expanded to include convenient and innovative snack products.
But having said that, the craftsmen’s art of baking and baking tradition is quite literally ‘handed down’. Spanning more than 100 years, the experience gained from the history of ‘Sinnack baked specialities’ and the company and family philosophy of ‘Quality from A to Z’ simultaneously represent the aspiration and challenge at Sinnack Snacks.
In our new state-of-the-art operating units and production halls in Bocholt Industrial Park, we are perfectly in tune with your requirements. Optimum work processes are a key factor for success on the market. Besides craftsmanship, technical equipment also plays an important role, of course. With more than 50 motivated employees and our state-of-the-art production lines, we look forward to working on your tasks.

Time and again, all involved have to face the challenge of developing and producing ‘good and successful products’. And that not only means the creative minds of our company, but also our supply partners and customers.
This involves both a culture of healthy debate and the acceptance of differing opinions. Working together in the spirit of partnership and the common aspiration of establishing successful products and ideas on the market bring us closer to the objective of fulfilling this purpose.
Motivated by baking and the joy of getting things done are what distinguishes the employees of our family-run company. This benefits us and everyone who has anything to do with us. A ‘sense of togetherness’ as a real and embodied company philosophy has already made Sinnack Snacks so successful... One way or the other, you’ll love the taste!
Challenge us and benefit from the mix of tradition and innovation.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Kindest regards, Jana Sinnack

Sinnack Snacks


It is a sign of quality when our customers come back to us, not the products. Maximum quality is a prerequisite for maximum success – both for our customers and for us.

Our certifications like IFS Food, Halal, Kosher and Vegan demonstrate our quality outwardly. But the real quality is actually to be found in that of our products. ‘Made in Germany’ is something we are proud of, as is our regional roots.
Accordingly, we believe that working with German companies and raw material suppliers is perfectly logical – from the ‘A’ in appearance to the ‘Z’ in Za’atar. From dough preparation across baking through to packaging the goods, all our products are manufactured solely in our German production sites. Even in today’s era of high technology, the art of baking is still a craft, as lasting success is impossible without the necessary sensitivity for ingredients and preparation.
Quality and flavour are not only a matter of taste, but rather an aspiration and challenge at the same time. Continuous quality control ensures that only perfect products leave our premises.

With regard to our products for food retailers, for discount stores, for specialist wholesalers, and for food service companies one thing always applies: ‘For our guests only the best’.



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